Synthesizer Noby: the 29 new musical options of Noby Noby Boy


Though the PlayStation Network itself is frustratingly down for maintenance at the moment, leaving me unable to get a good sense of GIRL’s progress over the past few days, the 1.1 update for Keita Takahashi’s Noby Noby Boy mentioned yesterday is indeed live and accessible.

The most striking difference on starting the newly updated game is the musical one: on exiting your (newly coiffed) house, a new vocal track directly brings back those warm nostalgic Katamari feelings, but then (on further fiddling with controller options), you realize that you’ve got open access to 29 new music tracks, which I’ve highlighted below:


An eclectic mix to be sure, from the classical stylings of acoustic guitar to the primal melodies of the kalimba. But my current favorite? The cello, which at long last grants your wish to stretch and swallow anthropomorphic sharks to the soothing dulcet tones of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, you can do this:


o–o home [Namco]

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One Response to Synthesizer Noby: the 29 new musical options of Noby Noby Boy

  1. GleepGlop says:

    With this multiplayer patch the game is quite a work of creativity and easily worth the 5 bucks. However, I think that Takahashi underestimated the simple psychology of video games. There has to be some kind of objective that guides the play in order to entice people to keep playing. This is why games have trophies and endless unlockables and other objectives to strive for due to this simple psychology. The meta-objective of unlocking new levels does not fulfill this psychological need however. There could easily have been a simple objective that you could choose to ignore or fulfill: eat all of the fruit in a level, grow to x size, something. I find it a real shame that this game could have easily been as big as Katamari but if you make Katamari with no objective the result is the same as in Noby boy ‘heh, thats cool, ok I’m done.’


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