A little Love: Quel Solaar’s impressionist MMO gets test client, character

The best news I’ve heard in quite some time: Eskil Steenberg’s abstract painterly MMO Love is prepping a beta release possibly “just a matter of days” away, and has let loose a test client to gauge performance on various machines. While the client tantalizingly won’t let you connect to a server, it is the first opportunity to see the game running, finally, on your own hardware.


At the same time, Steenberg’s just released a batch of new screenshots that show, for the first time (so far as I’ve seen), the procedurally generated characters that will populate its world. More of those below the fold.


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2 Responses to A little Love: Quel Solaar’s impressionist MMO gets test client, character

  1. Inverse Square says:

    Holy shit. I used to wonder what the big deal with this guy was – he started making appearances and presentations before there was much released. This game just shot to the top of my personal most wanted list. I’ve never seen any video so wonderful.

  2. kinakuta says:

    As a programmer, I love that you can kind of “hack” another cities security system. Definitely looking forward to this game.

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