Retro Remakes flipside: Demaking modern games


The other side to the Retro Remake phenomenon is, of course, the demake (a term, I’ve just found out via Wikipedia, was coined by Polytron’s Phil Fish): taking a modern game and simulating it as if through retro tech.

We’ve covered (or spawned) a number of these via Offworld in the past: the best examples of which are Kent ‘SnowBro’ Hansen and Andreas Pedersen’s NES Guitar Hero game D+Pad Hero, Bill Meltsner’s text adventure version of the same, Champion of Guitars, and CymonGames’ ASCIIPortal, a game just released for PC and Mac.

In late 2008, though, the TIGSource Indie Massiv held a Bootleg Demakes competition, the results of which are reams (or, more appropriately, a 200+ meg torrent) of fantastic work: visit their site for more demakes than you can handle, including Oracle’s NES-ish version of Aquaria at top.

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  1. zachary says:

    Demakes… now *that* is my cup of tea. <3


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