Videogame Minimalism


By Infinite Continues.

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14 Responses to Videogame Minimalism

  1. hdon says:

    Well, while Offworld is offline (snicker) why don’t we share URLs to other websites that are like Offworld? Maybe I can find one that is a little better. The posts at Offworld seem to *BURST* out like 40 in an hour and then leave you for a week. Which I totally understand, but if there’s something better, I’d like to check it out. Sometimes Offworld bloggers assume I know all about certain mainstream games. I do not.

  2. Matthew_H says:

    Well, it might have been wise to leave someone to look after the shop while he’s gone…

  3. RedShirt77 says:

    And then it was dead.

  4. dr_awkward says:

    Offworld: the best little nothing on the intertubes.
    Hope everything is okay. Miss y’all.

  5. Clay says:

    Alas, the lack of Offworld links built into the strange new BoingBoing probably pointed this way.

  6. kBud says:

    Offworld started off with a bang, even things that are game related over on gadgets doesn’t get moved over.

    We love you and we want to you to live.

    If you need content drop me a line.

  7. 23 says:

    See, I want this on a shirt, though I think it should have the mouth too.

  8. DivineGigi says:

    Be Alive Offworld!!! Be alive!!! Why isn’t BoingBoing Linking to you anymore?

  9. jackfruity says:

    61fps (now expired) has some great video game writing. Worth a look through the archives, too bad it’s gone now though.

  10. RedShirt77 says:

    Look two Evas. Where is Wall-E?

  11. curious_jp says:

    I don’t think that it’s that Offworld is dying, it’s just that Brad is at Indiecade. Right?

  12. EdgeMan says:

    I’ve never considered buying a videogame shirt before, but I am pretty tempted to buy that Donkey Kong one
    online cigars

  13. seanjjordan says:

    So, is Offworld, like, dead now? It’s barely being updated.

    That would be unfortunate if it were the case — Offworld has some great coverage of the indy gaming scene.

    If you guys need contributors, put out a call. Some of us gamer and writerly-types could probably help out.

  14. Agentflit says:

    It looks like Offworld has been “merged” with boingboing:

    I don’t see any way to filter out offworld-like content. Is offworld as we know it as good as dead, then? Will I have to wade through political rants, steampunk crafts, and ukulele videos just to read some good ol’ Brandon Boyer?

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