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Hey NYC: see Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Minusbaby, No Carrier for free tonight

Bit of late notice with this one, but there’s still time for Big Applians to make it to the No Malice Palace at 197 E 3rd St (between Ave A & B) for tonight’s late night Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, and … Continue reading

Beatles Hell: No Fun’s quarter-note dodger Norwegian Wood

The new best Beatles game that isn’t the other one: Montreal’s No Fun Games has created Norwegian Wood, the world’s first fab-four bullet-hell dodge ‘em up. The point? Escape the synchronized notes escaping from each corner’s guitar/bass/sitar/mic as the disembodied … Continue reading

Square pusher: former Spore dev gives bare minimum with iPhone’s MinMe

Created as part of last month’s Experimental Gameplay Project (that would also spawn Adam Saltsman’s Canabalt), Chaim Gingold’s MinMe [App Store] adheres strictly to the Project’s “bare minimum” theme: the user has to “minimize the board,” has a bare minimum … Continue reading

Why I’m going to Indiecade (and you probably should, too): Pt. 2

Continuing on from my last post on why I’ve decided to spend October 1st through 4th at Indiecade, and expect you should as well, conference organizers have revealed more of what to expect from the four days, including highlights of … Continue reading

Touch me I’m slick: Daniel Johnston rolls toward Laurie in Hi How Are You

There’s a certain segment of the population that’ll will need no introduction to Daniel Johnston — whether they came to him via the recently released Devil And… documentary, or (more likely) through the Kurt Cobain-sported T-shirt that broke Johnston further … Continue reading

TGS: More satellite-view shooting in Square Enix’s 0 day Attack on Earth

I don’t think I can precis 0 day Attack on Earth any more succinctly than I did in its April debut — where I called it a mashup of the metropolitan invasions of Sandlot’s brilliant Earth Defense Force and the … Continue reading

TGS: Square Enix prepare Xbox Live Arcade for Death By Cube

Originally unveiled in April as ‘Project: Cube’, Square Enix has brought this updated trailer to the Tokyo Game Show and given it its new official title, Death By Cube. While it’s almost as entirely opaque as the original, it adds … Continue reading

TGS: Square Enix, Popcap partner for RPG/puzzler Gyromancer

Not to be outdone, apparently, by scrappy puzzle-newcomer Infinite Interactive and their would-be casual/RPG champ Puzzle Quest, the two behemoths of their respective fields — Popcap and Square Enix — are teaming up for Gyromancer, due soon on Steam and … Continue reading

King me, please: The Behemoth reveal new Castle Crashers figure

Joining the lineup of The Behemoth’s extensive collection of vinyl figures: Castle Crashers‘ King, quite possibly my favorite if only because I’ve always been a big believer in the “one big tooth” (or three, if you’ve got them to spare) … Continue reading

TGS: Deeper into Okamiden‘s ukiyo-e environment

Capcom’s brought to the Tokyo Game Show its most complete trailer for downsized DS sequel Okamiden to date, showing a wider range of stylus-brush interactions, more combat mode demos, and 100% more nature-restoring landscape-wide scampering. Previously: Petal pup: see more … Continue reading