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Offworld successor Venus Patrol launched

Brandon Boyer, IGF Chairman and former editor of Offworld here at BB, is launching its successor: Venus Patrol. Within hours of establishing a Kickstarter project to make it possible, he’s already raised $47k, leaving the $50k target within easy reach … Continue reading

Sonic Devouring Tails

Anyone know the source of this amazing pic based on Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Children?

Ridiculous Oblivion Mod compilation

Jason McCullough has compiled the ultimate Oblivion mod compilation to end all Oblivion mod compilations. It took him two years to complete. Brush it off, reinstall, and get cracking. [qt3]

Videogame Minimalism

By Infinite Continues.

2 girls 1 UP

Art: STACMASTER-S. Get the T-Shirt.

Claim: Nasty Evony ads merely top of the sleazeberg

Evony, a Civilization-style strategy game, is notorious for its crude non-sequitur of an ad campaign: random buxom women in suggestive scenarios, none of which have anything to do with the title. It turns out that the company behind it is … Continue reading


The Dark Spire: a ten-dollar dungeon crawl you might have missed

The Dark Spire was released on Nintendo DS some time ago, receiving lukewarm reviews despite its amazing artwork. HC explains why you should play it. The Dark Spire is very heavily influenced by the original Wizardry games- it’s an unapologetically … Continue reading

Bloody hell, it’s Diablo III’s Monk

Blizzard’s Chris Metzen revealed Friday that forthcoming action RPG Diablo III will feature a Monk character class, “with all of its open-handed Tiger Strike fury.” This screenshot at Wired, depicting a move not found in the martial arts with which … Continue reading

Another World

Orioto’s rendition of Another World demands realization as a fully-fledged remake. Previously: Treasure Hunt; Metroid.