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Squall, cross-stitched

By Geekologie reader Anat.

Microsoft refuses to fix broken Xbox Live account

Online gaming’s descent into a bureacratic social networking hell continues apace, aided by the scripted and unhelpful staff that man Microsoft’s telephones. From Qt3 poster RickH: I set up an Xbox Live Silver account for one of my sons in … Continue reading

Weighted Companion Pendant

It’s $15 at GeekToys‘ Etsy store. Cake not included. Mini Weighted Companion Cube [Etsy]

Breakout in lace

video-tablecloth [Bruce Sterling's flickr via Wonderland]

Regulator smacks EA after XBox 360 footage used in Wii ad

Following a complaint to Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, Electronic Arts confirmed that footage in an ad for the Wii version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 was rendered on a more powerful console. The regulator upheld the consumer’s complaint, saying … Continue reading

BBtv: Jellica, Mr. Spastic, and Nullsleep at Blip Festival 2008

Ready for more bleeping at the resonant frequency of awesome? The second part of our Blip Fest 2008 video coverage has Joel talking to more of the musicians who performed at the event, held last week in Brooklyn. Here’s the … Continue reading

Life-size papercraft Link hat (and hair)

Nintendo Papercraft presents exact cardboard renditions of 3D console characters, from Pokémon of every stripe to Link’s hat. This particular hat is from Twilight Princess. The model is life-size, so it’s completely wearable (proof here). It’s designed so that you … Continue reading

Tetris Bracelet

A handmade unique, yours for $70. Pick it up before that damn blizzard sorc who never says anything does. TETRIS Bracelet[Etsy via Wonderland]

The year’s most over-rated games

Fidgit takes a crack at some of the year’s best-received titles, suggesting that to be lauded is not necessarily the same as to be loved. 7) Spore The developers have explained that Spore was essentially three products: a content creator, … Continue reading

Welcome to your Doom in a browser

Ported directly to Flash 10 thanks to Adobe’s Alchemy, which allows coders to compile C and C++ into their Actionscript creations, Doom may now be shot up in the browser. Author “Mike” from Newsgrounds offers few clues as to how … Continue reading